The revolution is already here

Elastic Coating, Game Changer

Not every day you experience a significant change in an entire industry

Spot Repair

The ability to fix a leak or hole in any type of pipe made of any material

Renewal of Pipeline

Renewal of a complete pipeline starting at a diameter of 40 mm or more

Extremely high durability

The application has a particularly high durability over years of use

Between variable diameter

Application overcomes the transition between large and small diameter and vice versa smoothly and optimally

Turning and intersections

Smooth application and uniform handling at the various intersections in the pipeline

Extremely high durability

The application has a particularly high durability over years of use

Extremely fast application

An ultra-fast implementation capability that allows a routine in the compound and a minimal presence of work teams

Non-destructive methodology

No need to expose pipes, without the need to damage walls or floors and ceilings. Very clean work

economic viability

Proven and absolute economic feasibility compared to any parallel solution with similar achievements



Renewing and repairing pipes of any kind in an optimal manner, making clean, fast and durable beyond everything you knew

Elastic Coating

Above all, capabilities

Multiple features

The technology enables the repair of sewage pipes made of plastic, stainless steel, concrete, copper and cast iron with diameters from 40 mm and above, making it the ideal choice in any situation where repair or repair of the plumbing system is required. As well as large sewerage systems, for example: hotels, schools, hospitals, industrial plants, and more …


The technology we operate in ensures long-term durability. We commit to 5 years of warranty (subject to regulations), and according to rigorous testing done by VTT EXPERT SERVICES LTD, the technology has been tested in harsh conditions that simulates a hard environment active for 25 consecutive years. After application, the pipes are resistant to high pressure, detergents and other chemicals. They are also protected from mechanical wear or corrosion.


Due to the elasticity of the applied lining layer, the internal surfaces of the treated pipes are resistant to cracks and stresses caused by thermal expansion and other mechanical stresses. It is also perfectly suited for changes in the axis dimension of the pipe which stands for very large changes in temperature so that they can be used in various places, including industrial sewage systems.


Renovation of the sewage system should be as short as possible, thanks to the innovative technology of elastic dimming, the repair time is reduced to a minimum. There is no need to replace the pipes (which often involve dismantling and quarrying the walls) and the drying time of the material makes the application very short, often only a few hours from start to finish and full return to the complete routine of the structure

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