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RollGroup Pioneer

Repair and renewal of pipelines

Rollgroup Pioneer is a fast-growing and innovative company that has chosen to lead the products and solutions for the plumbing repair and repair industry in Israel. We do this by choosing unique and excellent tools that can lead the industry to better performance.

The key to choosing the right tools lies in the value for the end customer. For us, the more satisfied the customer, the better the product and this affects the whole chain. This is a clear strategic goal.

Rollgroup Pioneer, is a member of the Atun Group, with decades of experience in construction, engineering and large scale repair and repair services, in almost every measure of complexity in the private, business, institutional and public sectors.

Subsidiaries in the group are driven together to advance and lead the markets in which they operate, and contribute to each other’s advantage on the road to continuous improvement.

“There is always space for improvement, no matter how long you've been in the business.”

- Oscar De La Hoya

Partners and customers along the way

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