While designing the Dipun Elasti relining system, one key element was to make the system work without Dipun Elasti material going to waste. That’s why it was necessary to give special attention to cleaning of the system.


The Dipun Elasti relining system has a programmed storage-mode, which recycles the material in the containers while the system is not in use. This way the material will not harden in the containers. Now there is no need to clean the containers between uses and the material in the containers can be used for the next relining project, making less waste and more material savings.


Our Dipun Elasti relining system uses new, low toxicity and biodegradable alternative cleaning solution instead of acetone-based solutions, which cause harmful odours. The system and its 5 to 20 m long hoses do not need cleaning between uses, because our Dipun Elasti system mixes the Dipun Elasti  material in the spray head instead of the system. This is where we can save reasonable amounts of cleaning solution and relining material doesn’t go to waste. 

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