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Only a professional who has undergone our training, is qualified to perform the task. Only task performed by a professional and in accordance with procedures approved win our comprehensive warranty

Ask to see a valid certificate. You can also check the website and locate the list of companies and professionals with valid certification. It is important to cross-check with the lists that are updated here on the site

A company may obtain a license to use our products provided that it complies with our qualified operating conditions. A company is not authorized to issue professional certification to its employees, but only by us. In other words, a company with a permit is not authorized to perform a task without a professional who received a permit from us. On the other hand, a qualified professional does not have to be a business company to carry out the task as long as his permit is valid

Great question. The final responsibility for implementing the product is our responsibility. But we will provide warranty on condition that the operation has received our approval to carry out the mission through training and permit, and when it performed the task in accordance with our strict and up-to-date work procedures and subject to the signature of a professional inspector on our behalf who performed his tests

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