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Technologies that create a revolution

Renewal and repair of pipes

Locating, developing and assimilating technologies that change reality in order to achieve a significant improvement in customer value

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Elastic coating

Full or partial repair of all types of pipes by a revolutionary elastic coating of approximately 4 mm thick suitable for pipes with a diameter of 40 mm or more. With decades of durability

Roll app

An application for diagnosing documentation and reports. A fine tool that operates according to a uniform and detailed standard that also accompanies the professional in the work processes

Measuring diameters

A smart robot that enables the measurement of internal diameters of any type of pipe while creating accurate graphs that represent the internal texture and structure of the pipe

Pipe Photography Lab

A leading pipeline, water and sewage imaging laboratory. Technological tools for examining and measuring documentation mechanisms according to accredited procedures

technical service

Maintenance and technical service to the best leading brands in the field of documentation and treatment of water and sewage pipes. Technical service for cameras and robots in all complexity

Training and learning

Training, learning and certification for photography, treatment and service for water and sewage pipes of every kind. Professional training of highly experienced professionals

To Be a pioneer

a commitment

Always look for the best solution for your needs, while examining the service and business values of all parties, striving to achieve the best customer value

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Only in Finland about 2,2 million tons of construction waste is generated per year, and 1,2 million tons (57%) of the construction waste is caused

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News And Update


Expand your product portfolio As a certified Rollgroup Pioneer  distributor, you get exclusive access to all our services and solutions. That means a completely new

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About Us

Rollgroup Pioneer is a fast-growing and innovative company that has chosen to lead the products and solutions for the plumbing repair and repair industry in Israel. We do this by choosing unique and excellent tools that can lead the industry to better performance.

The key to choosing the right tools lies in the value for the end customer. For us, the more satisfied the customer, the better the product and this affects the whole chain. This is a clear strategic goal.

Rollgroup Pioneer, is a member of the Atun Group, with decades of experience in construction, engineering and large scale repair and repair services, in almost every measure of complexity in the private, business, institutional and public sectors.

Subsidiaries in the group are driven together to advance and lead the markets in which they operate, and contribute to each other’s advantage on the road to continuous improvement.

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